Rank Advancement

Ranks in the Cub Scouting program correspond to school grades with the expectation that Scouts will advance at the end of each Scouting year (at the Blue & Gold Banquet in April).

lion_faqs_1Lion Cubs

Lion Cubs is the new Kindergarten program in Cub Scouting. In the first two years (Lions and Tigers), a parent or other caring adult partners with the Scout to explore Scouting and earn rank achievements.

downloadBobcat Badge

The Bobcat Badge is the first major achievement for Scouts in 1st–5th grade: it signifies that they have learned about the Scout Oath and the Scout Law, that they have learned safety techniques and understand their commitments to fellow Scouts, and that they are prepared to engage all the challenges and opportunities of Cub Scouting. Den leaders at each level are prepared to help new Scouts earn the Bobcat Badge, but we focus on it during the first months of the Tiger program.

tiger-badge-300x296Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs have mastered the basics of Cub Scouting during their Bobcat training, and they will spend their year learning to take care of themselves on outings, to be respectful of others, and to take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow.

wolfpatch-300x300Wolf Cubs

Wolf Cubs continue with multidisciplinary “adventures” to meet the requirements of their rank. Most of these adventures will be at Pack/Den meetings, with some elective opportunities for families to do together. Each adventure or elective is recognized with a belt loop, and the rank badge is presented at the end of the year.

m24cj78yf3164149Bear Cubs

Bear Cubs begin to take responsibility as role models for younger Scouts and to help with tasks like trip planning and meal planning. Rank adventures include lessons in nature, animals, resilience, civil engagement, and spiritual development. Most Bear Scouts are also really excited about the opportunity to earn the Whittling Chip, indicating mastery of the safe use of a pocket knife.

webelospatch-300x300Webelos Scouts

Webelos is an acronym for “we’ll be loyal scouts,” and the program is designed to synthesize the experiences Scouts have had so far to give them confidence in their own skills in a broad range of area, including first aid, camping, hiking, and numerous elective activities. Each rank adventure and elective activity is recognized with a pin that goes on their Webelos shoulder ribbon.

AOL-300x130Arrow of Life Scouts

Arrow of Life Scouts (formerly referred to as the “Webelos II” year) are in the final year of Cub Scouting and are preparing for the Boy Scouts program. They will be encouraged to serve as leaders in the Pack, and they will learn about Boy Scouting through activities with Boy Scout Troops in addition to the Pack activities they’ve grown to love over their experience so far.

Our Pack’s Commitment

Pack 910 is committed to the timely advancement of all our Scouts. We monitor advancement through the ScoutBook system. For more information, or to get an account so that you can monitor and record your Scout’s progress, contact the Pack Advancement Chair using the form below.

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