The Pack 910 Prayer

Faith and Scouting

When we recite the Scout Law, we say that a Scout is reverent. This means that a Scout is aware of God’s presence in the world and is deeply respectful of that presence. Scouting is grounded in the Christian tradition, but supportive of Scouts whose families find opportunities to be reverent in other traditions.

Pack 910 is a ministry of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, a welcoming congregation in the heart of Winston-Salem with a long history of moving worship, strong Christian formation and Outreach. We are guided by scripture, tradition and reason. Worship is central to our life together and we gather to praise and be fed by the gifts of God. St Paul’s offers both sanctuary and challenge. It is a church grounded in the grace of God that seeks to bring God’s love and light into the world. We hope you will find here the Good News of God in Christ.

In the tradition of St. Paul’s, our chartering organization, Pack 910 uses the following prayer at meals and other special times of gathering.

The Pack 910 Prayer

Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom, whose glory fills the whole creation, and who we feel around us wherever we go:

Give strength, energy, and enthusiasm to those who lead and to all of us as we learn, that, filled with excitement about new ideas and experiences, we may worship you and serve you.

Through the natural world, you have provided everything that we—and all other creatures—need: make us always thankful for your love; and grant that we may care for the gifts of your creation.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, who with you and the Holy Spirit lives and reigns, one God, for ever and ever.

Adapted from the Book of Common Prayer, pp. 259, 261

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