Popcorn Sales fund great experiences for Scouts!

Hello Pack 910 parents and scouts! Popcorn sales season has officially kicked off with door-to-door popcorn sales starting on September 22nd. We are emphasizing online sales, which are also open. This fundraising opportunity is a great way to build up funds to offset the costs of any activity the scout participates in. Last year we raised over $4,000 that went directly to the pack. This money helps us directly to fund activities such as camping, trips, meetings, supplies, and other necessities (think Pinewood Derby!). In addition to the money that comes to the Pack, another 35% of sales goes to support our local scout council, which is absolutely integral into making scouting happen on the local level (think Raven Knob Scout Camp!).

Order forms, collection envelopes and a calendar of important dates were handed out at this past Sunday’s meeting. In case you missed it or prefer an electronic copy, you can click to get the Popcorn Order Form and Product List and the Council Prize Listing.

Contact the Kernel (popcorn fundraising leader)

Brad Mitchell
Click to send an email

Notable dates:

  • NOW – Online Sales Began
  • NOW – Door-to-Door Sales begins
  • Monday, October 29 – Deadline to turn in orders and prizes
  • Friday, November 16 – pick up popcorn to deliver
  • Sunday, December 2 – popcorn money due

Online Sales

  1. Good for everyone, especially non-local friends and relatives.
  2. Customers pay online, product ships directly to them.  You don’t have to handle orders, product or collect money, but you still get to enjoy the prizes that come with selling it!
  3. 50% allocated to your account with the pack (vs. 35% direct).
  4. To set up, go to www.trails-end.com and follow the “register” links to Get Started. Please note, we are the Wachovia – Piedmont and Salem District. You will need this info.

Door-to-Door Sales

  1. Gives you face-to-face time with your customers to tell them the great things Cub Scouts teaches you.  Give examples of some of the events you’ve participated in.  Let them know of community projects we’re working on.
  2. Attached an order form and a link to the list of prizes for those who were unable to attend. If you would like an official hard copy, contact the Kernel. Prizes include:
    • Online Sales – Sell over  $300, get 5% Amazon gift card for the amount you sold.
    • Online Sales still get to pick from the prize sheet.
    • Drawing for Disney Tickets (name entered into drawing for every online order taken).
    • $1500+ gets 2 tickets for Lego Movie 2 on February 23rd.
    • Pack Prizes : Highest overall seller, highest online sales, highest military sale
    • College scholarship for anything sold > $2,500 (ask for details).

Money Collections (door-to-door sales)

  1. Once you’ve picked up your door-to-door orders, deliver them as quickly as possible.
  2. You can collect money at the time of the sale or delivery. We need it by December 2 or earlier if you have it.
  3. It is up to you if you accept checks.  If you do take a check, have them made out to Pack 910.

Happy selling!

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