Verify your registration: Parent-Cub Weekend

Please check the list below if you registered for Parent-Cub Weekend at Raven Knob to be sure we have you. Some people did not click “submit” on the page with the health form download links, so those registrations were not received.

We have registration form entries from the following families (numbers indicate multiple scouts registered):

  • Archer
  • Barroso (2)
  • Cruz-Chaudry (2)
  • Danhauer
  • Dillard
  • Fader
  • Fields (3)
  • Fulp
  • Gordon (2)
  • Grady (2)
  • Graham
  • Haaf (2)
  • Harterink
  • Hopkinson
  • Lobb (3)
  • Mitchell
  • Rimes
  • Skorich
  • Smith
  • Turner
  • Wharton (2)

If you intended to register and are not listed, please email Lee Danhauer immediately.

All registered families need to submit health forms as described on the original event post.

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