Pinewood Derby this Saturday, 3/27

Got your car ready? Pinewood Derby is this weekend!

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Are you ready to race? PWD at 10 am on Saturday!

The race is this Saturday, March 27, beginning at 10 am. With the live-stream of the event, invite your families to watch and cheer along with us!

Zoom link:

For all scouts, cars must adhere to the Old Hickory race rules. You can read the official rules here.

“Unlimited division”
A few alumni and it’s rumored a few parents will enter a car to race too. What rules for the unlimited division, you ask?
1. Must have official BSA wheels and axles
2. Must use the original pine block
3. No motors – the car must move under its own force.
**If the car is too high or exceeds the length and width from the official rules, it may not fit on the track. So customize at your own risk!

This Friday: March 26
Check-in your cars from 5 to 7 pm. We will have a scale in the parking lot of the Church for weighing cars, allowing you to made any final modifications prior to entering your car.

Again, use this zoom link to watch the race Saturday at 10 am.

Feel free to contact me or Lee Danhauer directly with questions. Thanks!

Daniel Lobb, Pack 910 Committee Chair
(336) 413-3937


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