Popcorn Sales End on Sunday

Sunday is the last day to sell popcorn face-to-face!

All orders need to be in to Kernel Brad Mitchell by the end of day Monday, October 29th.

Please click here to download a spreadsheet to submit orders and prize requests directly to brmitch2@gmail.com. (You’ll fill out the spreadsheet and then email to Mr Mitchell.)

With prize orders, you can combine online and door-to-door sales totals to arrive at the prize level. The prize sheet can be found here.

All popcorn will be available for pickup before Thanksgiving. Any money collected will be due at the next Pack meeting. Please do not worry about turning it in before then. Further instructions will be sent in the upcoming weeks about pickup and submitting money.

Note that if you’ve been doing online sales, shipping is free for all orders through 8:00 PM today (Friday)!

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