Weather and Arrival Information for Raven Knob

Cubmaster Danhauer has asked me to share a few items about this weekend’s camping trip.

  1. IMG_2793
    This is a picture of our tent during the trip on which my Scout fell in love with Raven Knob.

    We camp in all reasonable weather, and this weekend, though perhaps wet, is still a go.

  2. Pack 910 will be in the Cochise and Sequoia campsites. You can click the names to open a Google Maps page for the campsites, or their addresses are below. I’ve had good luck using these addresses, and I just tested them on Google and Waze. You do not need to check with Raven Knob in if you arrive separately from the rest of our group (but do check in with Mr Danhauer!).
    • Cochise: 135 Hunters Cabin Trail, Mt Airy, NC 27030
    • Sequoia: 131 Hunters Cabin Trail, Mt Airy, NC 37030
  3. Pack 910 leaders will be at the campsite this evening as planned, but we also understand if you’d prefer to come up to Raven Knob on Saturday morning. If you’re not able to camp given tonight’s weather, coming tomorrow morning is a good way to experience the activities of the camping weekend in any case (and you can always stay Saturday night).
    • If you’re coming on Saturday morning and want to be in time for a camp breakfast, food is served 7:00–8:30 AM.
    • Arrive at about 8:30 AM if you’re planning to eat breakfast on the way but want to maximize activities during the day at Raven Knob (the campsites are still the best place to meet, because they’re very close to the best activities!).

Be safe and have a great time!

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