Popcorn Selling Season is Here!

Please Watch this Important Message from Daniel Lobb, Pack 910’s very own Popcorn Kernel.

Remember, this event not only raises a significant portion of the Pack’s annual budget but also gives your Scout an opportunity to practice several important life skills.

  1. Goal Setting:  Once they see the Prize Sheet, they start setting goals.  Its amazing.
  2. Sales and Persuasion Skills:  Your Scout will learn very quickly that how they offer their popcorn can make a big difference in their success.  Saying, “would you like to support Scouting by buying some popcorn?” is so much more effective than just asking people if they’d like some popcorn.  Not everyone really wants popcorn.  But just about everyone will want to support Scouting.  😉
  3. Handling Rejection:  Not everyone will buy popcorn and that’s OK.  It’s actually a great opportunity for the Scouts to practice their perseverance.
  4. Math Skills:  OK.  You may not want to mention this to your Scout, but they will get to practice their math skills.  Whether its calculating change or just keeping track of where they stand versus their goal.   

We’ll have more information and selling materials at this coming Sunday’s Pack Meeting.  4:00 PM 9/22 at St Paul’s. 
(I’ll send a reminder and more details later this week)

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