Sugar Valley Airport Camping and Young Eagles Flights, Oct 4-5

It’s time to register for one of the most unique Scouting opportunities around! Please read carefully, because there are some important details about flying, particularly for younger Scouts.

Camping and Activities

Camp opens at 5:00 PM and we’ll have dinner at about 7:00 PM. This beautiful and welcoming facility just outside Winston-Salem is proud to welcome Cub Scouts and help them learn about aviation. We’ll camp with a shelter, brick terrace and fire pit, volleyball court, and plenty of space for other games.  For dining in camp you can look forward to our famous Pack 910 chili dinner and omelet breakfast.

Bring a tent and a couple of camp chairs and a soccer ball, football, or other games to play together. You can also bring a fishing pole to enjoy the lake.  Remember, if you need camping equipment, just let us know and we’ll try to connect you with the right resources.

We’ll break camp after lunch on Saturday and head back to the real world.

Young Eagles Flights

Sugar Valley Airport has a long-standing partnership with the EAA, a nationwide group of dedicated pilots who have provided more than 2 million flights to introduce young people to aviation, including a special partnership with Boy Scouts of America.

Our pilots—including one Pack 910 parent—will arrive at 9:00 on Saturday morning to provide as many of these “Young Eagles” flights as time and weather allow. EAA’s program allows us a safe and educational way to introduce Scouts to aviation, but unfortunately, it is only available to Scouts age 8 and older. One of our Pack Pilots will attempt to fly the younger scouts as time permits. Parents, please prepare your younger Scouts so that they won’t be disappointed as we cannot guarantee that the younger scouts will fly. We hope to continue offering this experience in future years so that they’ll have a chance to fly as they get older.

Finally, I’ll add that one cool thing about Young Eagles flights is that your Scout will receive a complimentary membership to EAA and access to a “Learn to Fly” course. Some Pack parents have taken the ground school course with their scouts and enjoyed it: lots of science, mechanics, and weather topics that are presented as part of flying and so everybody’s having fun learning!  

Curious about Young Eagles flights? This video will explain the process to you and your Scout.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email. 

Click Here to Register

If you have any other questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email.Finally, we look forward to seeing everyone at today’s Pack and Den meeting.


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