Register for Camping at Sugar Valley

Registrations are due today so we can get an accurate count for the weekend.

Register for Sugar Valley Campout
Registration is due TODAY if at all possible. You can sign up on the Pack Website Registration page, or follow the direct link to that trip right here.

This is one night only and is a great introduction to our Pack 910 camping tradition. You can plan to arrive between 5 and 7 pm on Friday night and enjoy dinner at sunset cooked by Master Chef, Lee Danhauer. He will also cook breakfast in the morning and weather permitting, we plan to give all scouts a flight who would like one. Two of my colleagues are volunteering their time and their personal aircraft at their own expense, to give “Young Eagle Flights” to scouts ages 8 and up. I will give scouts younger than 8 a flight in my aircraft as well, and I expect we can fly all the children.

A couple of families said they will either come in only for dinner Friday, or just for the morning on Saturday – which is absolutely fine. Sugar Valley is 30 minutes from downtown Winston. For directions use 249 Gilbert Rd in Mocksville, 27028. This pristine, private airport is just three miles off of exit 174 from I-40.

Not as urgent, but registration is also open for all camping trips and we are taking registrations now for the Raven Knob Fall campout (two nights), October 7-9. I’d encourage you to register now for that as well, as we will finalize that trip and must have your registration by Sept 26.

As a reminder, The Pack calendar is now published so you can keep a copy for yourself. That calendar is final. Until it changes.

Next Pack and Den meeting: Sunday, September 25 from 3:30 to 5:00 pm!
Download the Pack 910 2022-2023 Calendar
September 16 – 17 Sugar Valley Camping Registration

Yours in Scouting,
Daniel Lobb


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